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At the times of the Iraq war in 2003 there appeared a project called "the Greater Middle East".
It was a plan of redrawing of the old world Regime's map. This redrawing of the map of the Middle East is part of a strategy to put US military boots on the ground in control of all the major oil and now the natural gas of the Middle East. The purpose was to control the economies of China, and European Union and directly to be able to blackmail those countries.
As Henry Kissinger said back in the 1970s,- "If you control the oil - you control entire nations or groups of nations".
Dick Cheney before he was a Vice President in 1999 gave a very interesting speech to the institute of Petroleum in London. He outlined the perspective for the next twenty years of how much oil the world will need, how much decline there will be from old oil fields and how much new will have to be discovered. And there he said: " One place in the world with the largest reserves of oil exists is under control of the Middle East nations - Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran. The problem is that those oil reserves are controlled by the governments". In other words, he said the we, the United States, have to take away the control over that oil from the governments and put it into private companies hands like PB, Shell and others.
When Cheney become a Vice President under George W. Bush the first thing he was put in charge of was the The Energy Task Force. Under his control that Task Force began looking at oil maps of the Middle East in great detail before the Iranian invasion.
So the idea is to control that oil and, because of the growing importance of natural gas for the EU, to control the gas. 
Therefore, that is what the Greater Middle East project is about. It is plan of  redrawing the map, creating unified Kurdistan as a geopolitical pivot that will allow Washington to control all the surrounding countries and destabilize Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, which plays a very crucial role in that whole project.


Warning of impeding apocalypse reached me in 2010 when I was notified of a massive shipment of weapons to, of all places, Syria. I knew then that “Shit was going down in Syria.” In other words, I knew full well that the arms, in route for Syria via Jordan, were not destined for the government of that nation.
At the time, I assumed that the weapons were being sent to some traitors in the Syrian Army and that a coup d’état was brewing. Within a year, the real operation was apparently revealed: a foreign armed, trained, and supported insurgency against the Syrian government.
Dispatched from Jordan, foreign death-squads started to flow into Syria. While some of these terrorists were drawn from Salafi gangs, they were, in large part, professionally-trained soldiers, many of whom were mercenaries.
Catching the Syrian government and security apparatus off-guard, these foreign terrorist fighters commenced to commit atrocities which Western media, at the service of the Empire, intentionally misattributed to the Assad government.
The sickening spectacle involved attacks on Sunnis that were blamed on Alawites, attacks on Alawites that were blamed on Sunnis, and attacks on Christians that were blamed on Muslims. The objective was to incite ethnic, sectarian, and religious violence so that the entire country would be consumed.
Foreign mercenaries, many of whom were not even of Muslim background, tortured, raped, mutilated, and murdered innocent civilians, and proudly broadcasted their crimes via cyberspace through a previously constructed network.
During the early days of the conflict, I watched enough of these videos and examined enough of these images that I could stomach. They brought back vivid flashbacks of my days working with Central American solidarity committees.
The death-squads in Latin America treated torture, mutilation, and massacre as art forms. They competed with one another and attempted to outdo one another.
Like the devils that had operated in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and elsewhere, the demons unleashed upon Syria also relished in creating masterpieces of blood, gore, and guts.
For those who are not familiar with the wicked world of killers-for-hire and the hatchet-men of the world elites, death-squads, like hit-men, always sign their works of art. I saw the care and consideration that went into the creation of lurid videos and images.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lavrov Invites Trump officials To Syria Peace Talks

Lavrov Invites Trump officials To Syria Peace Talks


The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has invited representatives of the incoming Trump administration to the upcoming Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan.

Speaking in Moscow on Tuesday Lavrov said he believes US and UN representatives should be invited to the meeting.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is against any US participation in the talks that are to be held in Astana on 1/23/17.
He told Iran’s Tasnim news agency: “We are opposed to US presence (in the Astana meeting)”.
We have not invited the US and are against their presence,” he said.
Sergey Lavrov however believes that US and UN representatives should be invited to the meeting.
Foreign Minister Lavrov also criticized the Obama administration for failing to save lives in Syria and watching idly as Islamic extremism and terrorism spread in the region.
Damascus was two to three weeks from falling when Moscow intervened, said Lavrov.
All those who spent a year and a half silently watching IS and other militants surround Aleppo maybe committed a crime, as they breached the UN resolution, which stated that Syria should be prevented from turning into an Islamist state, he concluded.

Manlio Dinucci -- US Tankers lined up in Poland


US Tankers lined up in Poland

While the US president elect criticizes the very existence of Nato, the Atlantic Alliance pursues its imperial deployment in Europe. This was organized after the Donbass revolt against the Nazis (set up at Kiev by Nato) who executed the coup. This deployment seeks to spiral the Russian threat so that it can be used as a cover for the military occupation of Eastern Europe. This occupation is supported by the political elites of East Europe whose entire power base is due to the United States alone.
JPEG - 54.1 kb
Paul W. Jones, the US Ambassador to Poland, talking to the press.
© Army photo by Sgt. Paige Behringer, 10th Press Camp Headquarters
On 12 January, two days after his farewell address, President Obama signalled the way for the biggest lining up of land forces in Eastern Europe following the end of the Cold War: a long convoy of tanks and other US armoured vehicles, coming from Germany has entered Poland. It is the armoured Brigade 3a, transferred into Europe from Fort Carson, Colorado. It is composed of around 4,000 men, 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled howitzers, 144 Bradley combat vehicles and about a hundred Humvees. The entire armament is transported into Poland either by road, or by 900 railway wagons.
At the welcome ceremony that took place in the Polish city of Zagan, the US ambassador Jones said that «gradually, as the threat increases, so too increases the US military lining up in Europe». The nature of the «threat» was clarified by General Curtis Scaparotti, who holds in the tandem the position of the Head of the US European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe: 
«Our forces are ready and positioned should they be needed to contain Russian aggression». 

The armoured Brigade 3a will remain at a base in Zagan for nine months.
JPEG - 44.7 kb
Thereafter, it will be replaced by another unit brought in from the USA. Such a rotation will enable the US armoured forces to be permanently deployed in Polish territory. From here, their units will be transferred for training and drills, to other countries in Eastern [Europe], notably Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and probably also Ukraine. In this way, they will be constantly deployed at the Russian border.
A second US contingent will be positioned this coming April in East Poland, in the so- called «Suwalki Gap», a tract of flat ground, about a hundred kilometres long, that, Nato warns, «would be a perfect crossing for the Russian tankers».
It thus resurrects the US / NATO tools of propaganda deployed in the old Cold War: Russian tankers poised to invade Europe. While stoking the spectre of a non-existent threat from the East, US tankers are arriving in Europe. The armoured Brigade 3a will sit alongside the air and naval forces that the US has already lined up in Europe in the operation «Atlantic Resolve», to «reassure the Nato allies and their partners if confronted by Russian aggression». This operation was launched by Washington in 2014, after intentionally provoking, with the Piazza Maidan putsch, a fresh confrontation with Russia. A strategy which was principally carved out by Hillary Clinton when she was part of the Obama Administration. Its aim? To reduce to nothing Russia’s economic and political relations with the European Union, a relationship that is harmful for US interests.
JPEG - 44.7 kb
Poland is playing a central role in anti-Russian escalation. This is why it will shortly receive from the US, long-range cruise missiles, with anti-bunker penetrating capacity, which can also be armed with nuclear heads. And in Poland, the construction of a land installation of a US Aegis missile system, similar to the one that has already started operating at Deveselu in Romania, is underway. Also this one, equipped with Lockheed Martin’s system Mk 41, is capable of launching not only anti-missile missiles but cruise missiles which can be armed with nuclear heads.
However, in Warsaw and other Eastern European capitals – writes The New York Times – there is «grave concern» that the Republican Trump, may strike up an agreement with Moscow that «would threaten the entire effort».
A nightmare torments the governments of East Europe that are forecasting their fortunes on hostility with Russia. A nightmare that the tankers sent by Obama the Democrat, may return home….
Anoosha Boralessa

RÉSEAU VOLTAIRE -- Podesta & Clinton against Flynn

Podesta & Clinton against Flynn

John Podesta’s and Hillary Clinton’s friends are trying to stir up yet another problem around General Michael Flynn. He is President elect Donald Trump’s, National Security Advisor.
They have pointed out that his son, Michael Flynn Jr, who also collaborates with him, posted a reference on his twitter account to our article «General Flynn’s Proposals to Reform Intelligence», published by the journal Contralínea (Mexico). In it, Thierry Meyssan announces that the National Security Adviser aims to abolish the position of Director of National Intelligence created by President George Bush. Now, Donald Trump has just enabled this function by his appointment of the former senator, Dan Coats. At the same time, Hillary Clinton’s team intends to exploit the dissatisfaction of General Flynn by creating problems in the new administration and sidelining Michael Flynn Jr. [1].
PNG - 91.7 kb
It is also probable that a collateral aim of this controversy is to detract from [two serious issues]: [first,] the role so-called “Intelligence” played during the Bush and Obama administrations; and [second], General Flynn’s proposals for reform.
The authors of this campaign rank the Voltaire Network as “pro-Putin”, which seems to be an insult on their part.
In seeking out ways to whip up panic among their citizens, they do not seem to have read a prior article on General Flynn which appeared in the editorial of Al-Watan (Syria), « Michael T. Flynn and Islam ».
On John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, read: “E-mails - Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 1 November 2016.

FULL REPORT IN ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN -- Sergey Lavrov’s following talks with Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, Moscow, January 18, 2017

18 January 201714:14

Ladies and gentlemen,
The talks with my colleague, Austria’s Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz, have been constructive. We discussed a wide range of issues.
We agreed that Russian-Austrian dialogue has been developing progressively, based on the principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit despite a difficult situation in Europe. We discussed our bilateral relations, including in light of a meeting between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Austria Heinz Fischer in April 2016.
We reaffirmed our resolve to carry on our bilateral relations and our mutual interest in strengthening them in all spheres. In particular, we intend to restore the positive dynamics of bilateral trade. A special role here will be played by the Joint Russian-Austrian Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Russian-Austrian Business Council, which worked actively last year. We hope that they will continue working equally effectively this year. 
We are convinced that the cross-tourism year, to be held in 2017, will not only strengthen friendship and mutual understanding between our citizens, but will also help increase the tourist flow, taking into account the positive experience of the Russian-Austrian cultural seasons in 20132015.
We have high assessments of our interdepartmental, inter-parliamentary and interregional ties, as well as contacts between our civil societies. We will continue working to promote these ties, including through the efforts of the foreign ministries of Russia and Austria. 
Austria holds the rotating OSCE Chairmanship this year, and we had a detailed discussion of our interaction at the OSCE. Russia and Austria believe that the OSCE must remain a vital platform for coordinating approaches to the key issues on the European agenda. Both Austria and Russia stand for the fullest possible use of the OSCE potential in the interests of settling the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia's FM Lavrov Says US Invited to Astana Talks on Syria

Moscow, Russia. News conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov evaluating the 2016 performance of Russian diplomacy.

Russia's FM Lavrov Says US Invited to Astana Talks on Syria

© Sputnik/ Grigoriy Sisoev
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Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday that the US has been invited to Astana talks on Syria.

When journalists asked Lavrov on what conditions Russia would invite the US to the upcoming Astana talks, he replied that the representatives from the US have already been invited.
"As I said yesterday, they've already been invited," Lavrov confirmed.

During his annual press conference on Wednesday, Lavrov pointed out that Moscow considers it appropriate to invite representatives of the new US administration and UN to Syria talks in Astana. Moscow hopes that the Trump administration will accept this invitation, Lavrov said adding that Syria talks in Astana could serve as first official contacts between Russia and Trump administration.

"This would be the first official contact that could pave the way for talks on how to make the fight against terrorism in Syria more efficient," Lavrov said, adding Moscow and Washington had the experience of co-chairing the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).
The Talks in Astana are due to start on January 23.


At midday on Friday 5 February, 2016 Julian Assange, John Jones QC, Melinda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzon will be speaking at a press conference at the Frontline Club on the decision made by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the Assange case.


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